The Fastest Reality Game Show on Earth!

The First and Only Television Show  Dedicated To, For, and About The Fans of Motor Sports, 

Those Who Love Fast Cars,  and People Who love to Drive Even Faster!

Welcome to the MY FANTASY RACER Website 

We are proud to be introduce you to the Fastest Reality Game Show on Earth!

​Written by Terry Hilmer, MY FANTASY RACER is created by a fan and dedicated to, for, and about the fans of Motor Sports, those who love fast cars, and Speed Demons who love to drive even faster.

This isn't a show about professional drivers competing for a seat as a Rookie Driver on a real racing team, there are plenty of great shows out there that will give that opportunity.

Rather, MY FANTASY RACER is a show about regular everyday people, men and women between the ages of 18 to 81 with no professional racing or race car driving experience. People who have sat in the stands or at home watching the races on TV and have wondered one too many times what it might be like riding in one of those awesome powerhouse cars, with their hand on the wheel.

To those of you who know exactly what we are talking about, we simply ask,

"Isn't it time you got your Race On?  

We invite you to live the dream and drive the car!